Palos Verdes Peninsula Center Library

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Center Library is by far the biggest and most valuable library on the hill. Standing at about three full stories, the Peninsula Center Library is a fantastic environment for getting work done. It is used by all the community, for its conference rooms, study rooms, quiet rooms, children's auditorium, and gift shop. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Center Library allows all community members to use computers with internet access (children need parental consent) as well as anything else they may need. After 3 pm on weekdays it is usually crowded with studious students looking to get work done. There are desks spread through out the library, and printers may be used for a small fee. There are all sorts of resources available both for entertainment purposes or for information in general. Whether it be books, old newspapers, magazines, art work, community information, CDs, DVDs, or even video games, it can all be found in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Center Library.

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